Reverse Diabetes Now is a culmination of science and real-life statistics designed to:

  • Create awareness about one’s actual health condition.
  • Provide a proven system to understand and exercise healthy living.
  • Partner with the reader for accountability.
  • Give hope, inspiration, and courage to people who have felt distressed and alone.

Move them towards the ultimate health transformation and purpose they were designed to live IN THE NOW.

“Ms. Weaver is an incredible, well-educated and profoundly-verse professional in the area of diabetes and self-care. It is through her amazing zeal for helping others through her knowledge and healthy living and overcoming diabetes herself that she reaches, teaches, empowers, and inspires people around the world to live a more productive life today for a bright future tomorrow.
It is without question she is living, walking, and breathing miracle as she continues to teach the world how to triumph over diseases through positive thoughts, healthy eating, and healthy life practices.
I have personally learn strategic techniques not only to refrain diabetes, high blood, and other diseases, I have been able to share concept from Phyllis Weaver with my global audience. And she has help them change their life for the better. Living healthy, eating healthy, and thinking healthy is a way of life. And when we choose to live that way, we can achieve ultimate health.”
- Dr. h.c. Lotu

“Phyllis is a motivational and inspirational girl making an Impact! She’s taken her struggles and used her challenges as a way to help people with their health. Greatness is upon those who work with Phyllis.” - Andy Audate

“Phyllis made me feel comfortable throughout my coaching session and was able to quickly help me change a behavior that no longer served me into a better behavior that moved me in the direction of my goals. I immediately felt a different energy and was able to integrate this new behavior right after our session together. Thank you Phyllis!” - Mirayra Rau

“Phyllis is full of encouragements and cheering on. She is amazing and her laughter is calming. She is ready to push you to be the highest version of yourself.” - Ayomitide Oyedepo

Reverse Diabetes Now

The Proven 365 Day Technique

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