Reverse Diabetes Now

The Proven 365 Day Technique

Reverse Diabetes Now is a culmination of science and real-life statistics designed to:

  • Create awareness about one’s actual health condition.
  • Provide a proven system to understand and exercise healthy living.
  • Partner with the reader for accountability.
  • Give hope, inspiration, and courage to people who have felt distressed and alone.

Move them towards the ultimate health transformation and purpose they were designed to live IN THE NOW.

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About the Author

Awarded VIP Woman of the Year Circle by the National Association of Professional Women, Phyllis brings her 30 + years of Pharmacy experience, leadership, and expertise in Advanced Nutrition and Diabetes Care. She is a published scientific writer in various scientific journals and an expert contributor to magazines. As a regular keynote speaker on podcasts, summits, expos, and talk shows, she shares her passion for holistic health and healing. On her local show, “Let’s Talk Health With Phyllis,” she teaches, coaches, and conducts health seminars and workshops.

In this book, she shares some of the methods and techniques she used while battling Hypoglycemia, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases. After years of research and trial and error, she developed the H.A. B. I. T. © Program, the foundation for her transformational health and life coaching organization, Discover Ultimate Health, LLC. Additionally, she has enormous compassion for the type 2 diabetic community because of its negative impact on the lives of many of her family members.

Phyllis is the mother of two miracle sons. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, earned her Master of Arts in Biology from Hampton University, and then attended the Medical College of Virginia in 1988 and is a registered pharmacist. She is also a member of the American Diabetes Association, an affiliate for multiple health and wellness organizations, and a certified fitness instructor.

Reverse Diabetes Now

The Proven 365 Day Technique

Chapter 1 “Are You Too Sweet?”

Let’s Get Started! What’s Pre-diabetes? What’s Type 1 Diabetes? What’s Type 2 Diabetes? Some sugar craving solutions You can do it!

Chapter 2 “Who is in Control? You or Diabetes? How Do You Start? Health Assessment”

Let’s Get Some Baseline Measurements Record Results Page Nutritional Journal Fitness Tracker

Chapter 3 “The Vision for Change”

Ask Yourself Key Questions Record Answers 90 Day Check-Up 180 Day Check-Up 270 Day Check-up 360 Day Check-UP

Chapter 4 “What Next? Lifestyle”

Changes Attitude of Gratitude Personal Affirmations Mental/Physical Release Act of Kindness

Chapter 5 “How Nourishing is Sleep?”

Sleep Assessment Your Immune System and Sleep Importance of Sleep Why Lack of Sleep Cause diabetes Sleep Disruption How to Improve sleep duration and quality

Chapter 6 “Let’s Get Moving!”

Exercise Assessment Safety First! Unsuitable Exercises for Type 2 diabetes Aerobic-Cardiovascular-HIIT Exercises Flexibility and Balance Training Strength and Muscle Building

Chapter 7 “What’s Good to Eat?”

Yes/No Food List Yes Foods No Foods Limited Foods Food Pyramid for Diabetics Sample Menus and Snack Options What are You Drinking?

Chapter 8 “Breathe and Take It Easy!”

Are you stressed? Stress Awareness Stress and Diabetes Cool Relaxation Techniques What Makes You Happy Eat Your Stress Away (Healthily)

Chapter 9 “Pulling It All Together!”

Create Monthly Planner Accountability Food Prep Stay On Point Breakthrough Integration

Chapter 10 “Total Transformation!”

Health Assessment How to Maintain Momentum Review New Health Goals Strategies to Make Permanent Lifestyle Change Nothing is Impossible! Let’s Celebrate!

Reverse Diabetes Now

The Proven 365 Day Technique

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